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Best locations in Central Mass and beyond

New England offers such a wide variety of landscapes, from beaches to mountains, and everything in between. While booking a photoshoot can stir up a bit of anxiety, location scouting is one thing I can take off your plate.

Locations help set the overall mood of the photo. When deciding on a location, it’s important to pick somewhere that is a reflection of you and your loved ones. The background should compliment your personality, your hobbies, or your story.

Time of year is equally important to keep in mind, depending on what colors and foliage you’d like to create the background of your photos. If you're interested in booking a winter session, urban locations tend to work better when there’s a lack of foliage or snow.

If you’re still unsure of a location, plan a date and I’ll be your third wheel! Let’s go on a picnic, hike your favorite trail, grab some coffee or a scoop (or three) of ice cream, go apple picking - you catch my drift. Let’s have fun!

Here I’ve curated some of my favorite locations around Central MA and Southern New England.

Moore State Park; Paxton, MA

This location offers a wide variety of backgrounds, rolling fields, barns, bridges, and azalea lined pathways - that are absolutely stunning in the early summer!

St Joseph’s Abbey; Spencer, MA

The Abbey is slowly becoming a staple location for sessions because of its beautiful fields that have a perfect view of the sunset and the incredible stonework of the abbey itself that give off total castle vibes.

Tower Hill - New England Botanical Garden; Boylston, MA

Despite needing a permit to shoot on the property, it is worth it to have access to the beautiful flora and architecture that make up the botanical gardens.

Downtown Worcester; Worcester, MA

Worcester is the heart of the Commonwealth and holds some precious gems in its downtown. From the common to Elm St. - there's plenty of old-timey Worcester charm perfect for strolling around with your partner.

Bancroft’s Castle; Groton, MA

The ruins of Bancroft's Castle makes for the perfect autumn session - or any season really. A short hike up from Gibbett Hill will lead you to vine covered walls and the skeleton of a beautiful stone tower. Aside from the ruins, this location has quite the view of Groton.

Doyle Conservation; Leominster, MA

While I've never had a session at Doyle Conservation (yet) it's hiking trails lead you to a beautiful estate adjacent to pond spotted meadows. If you're a lover of weeping willows, this is your place to be.

Beacon Hill - Boston, MA

I cannot boast enough about Beacon Hill. It truly is one of my favorite places to photograph and stroll around in Boston. It holds the history of the city in its architecture that is so classic and timeless. If you time your session just right, you'll even catch the blooming wisteria on this popular home feature in the middle photograph.

Boston Public Garden, MA

A quick walk from Beacon Hill sits Boston Public Garden, (in my opinion) Boston's prettiest park. While it may get busy in the afternoon, the mornings remain quiet - though there's always spots to tuck away long the ponds edge or stairs.

Singing Beach; Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA

Is this the coast of Maine or Massachusetts? Singing Beach is a short walk from the parking lot and a scenic detour through a forested trail that drops you right at the soft golden sand. This beach's best feature (in my opinion) is its stunning cliffs and rock features - just meant for exploring and watching the sunset.

Borderland State Park; North Easton, MA

The grounds of Ames mansion hold so much charm. Borderland State Park is full of walking trails and dreamy architecture and landscaping!

Arnold Arboretum; Jamaica Plain, MA

My last Massachusetts recommendation on this list is a place I could just get lost in - literally. Arnold Arboretum is so vast and has countless trails that crisscross across its collections of ornamental trees. My favorite collection, the coniferous collection, brings the PNW home to New England.

Devil’s Hopyard; East Haddam, CT

Tucked away in Southern Connecticut, Devil's Hopyard is just...heavenly. Chapman Falls leaves me in awe during every visit to the park. On top of the beautiful falls, the hiking trails and covered bridge make for

Gillette Castle; East Haddam, CT

Just a 15 minute drive from the Devil's Hopyard stands Gillette Castle. Everything about this location is breathtaking, from the view of the Connecticut River Valley to the sheer craftsmanship of the castle itself. It's sure to bring your fairytale to life.

Block Island, RI

If you're looking for an adventure not far from home, Block Island is the place to be. It's landscape is otherworldly and there's no lack of stunning beaches. Whether you're looking for a cute downtown feel, sprawling oceanside fields, or both - it's all just a short drive (and ferry ride) from one another.


Sam Callery
Sam Callery

Wow! What amazing locations and beautiful photographs !!!

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