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4 reasons why you should elope

Wedding planning can be overwhelming and big weddings aren’t for everyone. Nor should they be! Weddings are not one size fits all. What truly matters is what is most important to you and your partner and how you want to spend your special day together. You get to choose how you celebrate and declare your love for one another.

If you’re pondering trading the traditional wedding for an elopement, here are a few things to consider.

Less Stress

First comes love, then comes marriage, here comes the wedding planning stress! When it comes to planning a wedding, there is a laundry list of to-dos (who really wants to make a seating chart anyways?) and the last thing you need on top of coordinating all of the logistics is getting everyone’s two cents. Today isn’t about pleasing your uncle’s third wife Nancy. From planning and culling your guest list to making your dinner table rounds, you may end up shifting your focus from you and your partner’s experience to whether or not your guests are enjoying themselves. By eloping you’re able to ditch the year-plus worth of stressful planning and drama in exchange for an easy-going and relaxing celebration.

Less Expensive

The average cost of a wedding in 2022 is near $30,000. The cost of 2 people versus 150 is starkly different. Elopements are personal and intentional. The small details you put into it are those that are most important and dear to you. You can forgo the thousands of dollars on charcuterie boards and dinner plates, and church pew posies. With all of that extra money you can invest more into your favorite parts of your elopement (like traveling and exploring somewhere new and exciting), or put it away for a rainy day.

You Make the Rules

Choosing to elope is choosing to remove wedding traditions that you aren’t connected to. This often means choosing to value experiences over material items. Because of this, you get to invest your time and money into what means the most to you and your partner. Elopements tend to be thought of as running off and getting married without telling any family or friends, but in reality, you’re able to incorporate those who mean the most to you into your celebration.

Your elopement can be whatever you want it to be. Want to hike 5 miles to the peak of your favorite mountain to exchange vows? Hell yeah! Want to wear a pink dress? Do it! The only rules are the ones you make yourself. You get to create your perfect day.

Make it Intimate

If being the center of attention and standing with 150 pairs of eyes fixed on you is something of a nightmare, you don’t have to. Eloping is the best way to take control and refocus your day - without expectations, stress, or distractions. Weddings are meant to be a time when you and your partner celebrate your love for each other and exchange vows, a personal and intimate gesture. With a hundred or more guests, it can be difficult to find a moment alone to take in the day with your partner. Opting for an elopement allows you to create a space where you can truly say what you want in your vows and celebrate your love the way you want to celebrate without being pulled away from the full experience.

Whether you choose to have a big celebration, a small, intimate wedding, or just elope - do it because that’s what YOU want.


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