Small. Spunky. Adventurous.

Hey there!



I'm Giana! I'm a portrait and wedding photographer from Charlton, a town just outside of Worcester, Mass. My main gig is working as a florist for some seriously boss ladies, Ari (@sparkleonpark) and Jamila (@petalandwren).

As of 2020 I'll be entering my 10th year as a photographer. I've been obsessed with cameras and photography since my freshman year of high school and  I started building my business 4 years ago. 

I love travelling, fortunately more than than my hatred for planes. I've seen some pretty awesome places that I'd like to spend more time exploring, like Oregon, San Miguel de Allende (Mexico), and Hawaii.

I am passionate about the environment, art, and good breakfast food. I love spending my time scouting the hiking trails, museums, and diners of New England.

In my free time you'll find me eating french toast, watching bad horror movies with friends, and going to see our favorite bands for probably the 9th time.